7 Signs to Consider Before Choosing the Perfect Wedding venue

While a lot of big decisions go into shaping your big day, there is one decision that would make a bigger and more visible impact than others—your venue. Ask any bride or engaged couple, when it comes to choosing a venue it feels like the ball is never in your court. The options will seem overwhelming and the process can be a bit exhausting. But it doesn’t have to be, here are some pointers that could help you narrow down on a wedding venue in Bangalore that is right for you.

1) Make a rough estimate of the number of guests you are inviting

The capacity limit is a make or break when it comes to choosing your venue. You don’t want to end up with a venue too big or too small for the guest count. Choose a venue that complements your guest count. Here is a pro tip: never underestimate the number of people your parents or partner would want to add till the last minute.

2) Know your budget

Decide on a budget and stick to it. Not all venues will fit your budget. And yes, it is very much possible to stick to your budget. It is possible to find the perfect venue even with the smallest of the budget. Amp it up and make it your own with decoration and accessories. Be wise while choosing your venue, it is meaningless to spend more on space and end up having to compromise on other factors.

3) Be mindful of the location of your venue

Location is a vital factor while deciding the venue. It is important to consider the accessibility of your venue if it is located in the outskirts. If your chosen venue is far from the city, it is important to take care of accommodations for guests coming from other cities. It is important that they have a positive and pleasant experience. Make sure there are hotels nearby to put up your guests. If the option is available, it is better to choose wedding venues near you.

4) Don’t let them worry about conveyance and parking space

If your chosen venue is far from the city, you have to take care of the transportation requirements of the guests. Arranging shuttle vans and cars is a necessary factor to consider while budgeting. If the venue is in the heart of the city make sure that there is plenty of parking space in the venue. Guests are sometimes reluctant to attend the ceremonies at night and evenings thinking of the parking issues. But worry not, most of the wedding venues in Bangalore come with parking spaces.

5) Do not forget to take Mother Nature into consideration

This is the most important factor to be taken into account in case you choose an outdoor venue. The bride and groom can predict the seasonal climate around that month of the big day much in advance. It is advisable not to choose outdoor venues in the sunniest or rainy months. It is imperative to have back up plan if you want to host your wedding and reception outdoors in case of any unexpected rains or heatwaves.

6) Availability of the venue

After all things considered, budgeted, and done, the place you want might not be available for the dates you want. In a situation where it is first come, first serve it is important to think fast and book fast. Most of the wedding venues in Bangalore get booked quite much in advance, so once you zero in on a selection of the venue block the dates immediately.

7) Talk to your planners and married friends

It is always better to have suggestions from the people who are experienced even before looking at venues. This helps in making our decision in an efficient and effective manner. They are familiar with all the hurdles and problems that can possibly arise and can help you with transforming the empty venue into a space that is representative of you two.

Consider these factors, narrow your options, simplify your ideas and needs, do site visits, choose ‘the one’, and make your big day a wonderful one. It is just that simple.


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