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Surprise Parties

It's no secret that we absolutely LOVE birthdays—they’re like little, personal holidays for celebrating all our favorite people! But sometimes—maybe it’s someone’s birthday that you’re really close to, or even someone that’s just been great to you in the past year—those celebrations call for something EXTRA special. Here at Tie In we put together some super-fun (and for the most part, pretty easy) birthday surprise ideas for when you need to go that extra celebratory mile.

Birthday Parties

Managing your own kids and their friends can be dizzying. But you can breathe easy and leave that to us. We can give you anything from SpongeBob to Barbie dolls to cute little Minions for a birthday theme party. We can recreate the Toy Story if your little one demands. Treasure hunts, zoo trips you name it.

We can also help you make some important days even more special. You could surprise your partner with a perfect romantic setting with champagne, music and exquisite dinner plans by the beach. We can help you pop the question if you want! Get the hint. Weddings definitely are one of the most important days of our lives but there are tons of other reasons of celebrate!



Nothing can be more special than celebrating relationships that have lasted the tests of time!

As years pass by, life keeps getting busy, but make sure you never forget to cherish your relationships. It could be your first date or the first time you'll met! It could also be a celebration to honour your parent's togetherness. You know they deserve it.

Naming Ceremony

Naamkaran, or the naming ceremony, is an important tradition in India. To make the most of it, we're here to help how to keep your baby happy through the ceremony followed by some ideas on how to organise the day.